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Welcome to Squirrelly!  Squirrelly is an art studio and gift making workshop in Northeast Seattle.  Our goal is to bring MORE ART to our community, and to your kids' and families' lives. We love giving kids (and adults!) the opportunity to try new art forms, get messy with a multitude of decadent art supplies, create masterpieces that build self-esteem, and make gifts that bring joy to others.

Big news!!  Squirrelly has a new home!  Our bright, new studio location is at Sand Point Village in Northeast Seattle, at 5414 Sand Point Way NE.  Pop in for a visit as we turn this new Squirrelly space into a woodland wonderland, and register now to be some of the very first to get creative and inspired here.  Find classes for kids, teens & tweens, adults on our CLASSES pages, and check back often as we continue to add exciting art opportunities weekly!

We do birthday parties and private parties too!  For more information, please contact us at 206-491-9965, or at

Additional Care Before and After Class:

Need coverage before or after class?  We'd love to meet the needs of our community and help every child who'd like to be here to get to Squirrelly!  We are working on helping with transportation from nearby schools, and we are always happy to help get you connected with carpools.  Please email for more information and to ask for this care.

The Squirrelly Story:

At Squirrelly, we believe that art is important.

It is a building block of child development, and it enhances the process of learning.  

For kids and adults, art builds self-esteem, supports emotional intelligence, builds

community, and awakens the senses.  Plus, it's so much fun!

We also believe that the very best gifts are homemade.  

We hope that you will join us for some classes this year, to be fulfilled by the act of

making art, and to experience the joy of giving a gift from your heart and hands.

Click here to view our classes, our calendar, and to register online!

The Nutty Beginning...

One of my favorite childhood memories was visiting our local department store and shopping in "Santa's Workshop," a special store-within-a-store where children could enter alone with a bit of cash.  Inside, children would purchase and wrap a present for their parents, and take home a treasure that only they knew about.  I loved choosing a special gift all on my own, and giving my parents something they were genuinely surprised by.

I also love art.  Especially kids' art.  My children were blessed to attend a cooperative preschool, the fruits of which still decorate many walls of our house.  But, we didn't stop there.  New projects and art forms seeped into our house, and I got caught up in the Maker Culture.  I also wanted my kids' artistic creations to last forever, so began to find ways to make their art more permanent and useful, and ultimately lovely gifts to give.

For the past several years, these ideas have merged. In year-round classes, the kids make the most wonderful, unique gifts, and their confidence is boosted by their artistic successes.  No less important, they experience the joy of giving at a new level - they feel generous, capable, and empowered.

Squirrelly was conceived with these memories and intentions in mind.  While many of our classes are "holiday-centric," others are inspired by traditional art forms and local artists.  Over the years, our collection of camps and classes has grown to include increasingly diverse, messy, exhilarating projects from Japanese fish printing and Indigo dyeing to skateboard building, mural painting, and paper mache.  Check out our list of class descriptions and see what inspires you!

- Tiffany Jay    

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