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Get to know our artists and instructors!




Tiffany Jay


Tiffany Jay is the owner and art facilitator at Squirrelly.  She studied art history in college, served as a docent at the Seattle Art Museum, and has discovered that her favorite artists are children.  For the past several years, Tiffany has been trying new artforms with her three kids and teaching gift making classes at her home and local community center.  She is thrilled to have this Squirrelly space, to share it with other artists and craftsmen, and is eager to bring more art to our communities and into our homes. 






Dave Given


Born and raised in the Seattle area, Dave loved to sketch and doodle growing up.

The skies and trees that surrounded him created strong images that later became

pen-and-ink sketches as a young adult and full-fledged paintings as a, well, older adult.

Watercolor became the “go-to” medium about 10 years ago and Dave discovered that

clouds are the perfect subject matter (lots to see around here).  In addition to landscapes,

a curious koi or a shadowy still life are great inspirations for a watercolor painting.

Dave also enjoys mixing graphite and pen-and-ink into the paintings to help elevate the

feeling of texture.  Dave is the first to say paint what you see, or feel, and forget what

others say. It’s your brush, your paint, your paper, have fun!






Laura Wright


Laura Wright has been an artist for 44 years!  Play dough and crayons dominated her

growing up years, and now Laura creates glass mosaics and hand painted glass charms.

She created Chick Charms 7 years ago and enjoys selling her pendants at art and craft

shows. Laura also takes custom orders for businesses, teams and personal orders. 

She leads Laurelhurst Elementary's Art docent program and loves teaching people

about art.  Come and sign up for a class or two!!








Sandi Dexter


Having taught preschool for over 30 years, Sandi has retired to put more time into being with her four grandchildren and doing special projects with and for kids.  In addition to teaching, Sandi has led workshops for teachers and parents, developed her own curriculum for preschool and Sunday School, and has written a book called Joyful Play With Toddlers; Recipes for Fun with Odds and Ends.  Her great joy is sharing her love for nature.  While not doing workshops, Sandi is looking at clouds, walking in the rain, and waiting to see what bird might show up at their feeder!


Over the past 30 years, "Teacher Sandi" has had an amazing impact on hundreds of local kids and adults.  Read more about her in a recent NE Seattle Community College Coop Newsletter - click here.






Frances Tee


Frances hails from the Philippines where arts and crafts were an essential part of learning at school. She discovered that she loves making things with her hands and gets a special kick out of customizing gifts for friends and family. Inspired by her love for cute things and Japanese arts, she fell in love with the idea of making sock pals for her niece and nephew, and loves to share the fun with whoever is willing to learn. Frances is fun (!), and employed as a former project manager and current dance teacher.  She loves to fold origami, crochet, knit, photograph, make jewelry, draw, and especially keep creativity and expression alive.  


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